What’s Inside My Self-Care Toolbox

What’s Inside My Self-Care Toolbox

In my last post, I introduced the top 5 ways that I improve my parental satisfaction.  To do so, I have some favorite items that I have in my “Self-Care Toolbox” that I would like to share with you, in hopes that this will help you on your journey to quality self-care.

Here are my top 5 tips with items that I highly recommend to help achieve success in self-care.

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Putting down my phone and paying more attention

I’ve researched many options for “phone jails” – from lockable bins to containers with timers – and this one makes the most sense to me. You can physically lock your phone away while keeping it on a charger (as it has a cord access point in the back of the box), but are able to access it in the case of an emergency. This gorgeous style fits in any room decor and can hold multiple devices of varying sizes! It measures 9″ (W) x 12″ (L) x 3″ (H) and features a 1″ hole for charging cables.

Watching at least one personal development video daily and taking detailed notes

My favorite personal development videos honestly come from YouTube.  I love Tony Robbins the most, but suggest that you perform a search for “personal development” and tailor a watchlist that meets your needs.  Whether you save meditation, self-help or motivational videos, it is all personal development and will help you reach your goals.  Take as detailed notes as possible so that you can look back, implement, and learn.

I like to keep my notes, goals, and planning all in one spot, so I highly suggest this gorgeous Clever Fox Planner Pro.  The rose gold version is absolutely stunning!  I like it because it is not dated, so you can jump into the groove at any time of the year.  It offers a guide so that you can learn about the planner and how to get the most use out of it.  Some other of my favorite features are:

  • an expandable pocket to store important documents;
  • 6 sheets of stickers;
  • gorgeous vegan leather cover, that is designed to lay flat when opened;
  • thick, bleed-resistant pages;
  • monthly and weekly layouts; and
  • several sections, to include a vision board, quarterly and yearly goals, and monthly look-back.

Journaling 2-3 times per week about my trauma and feelings

Beginning a journaling journey can be difficult, especially when you don’t even know where or how to begin.  The Self-Love Workbook is by far my highest recommendation when you are just starting.  It helps you focus on your needs and feelings to learn exactly what you need to do to love yourself.  Then, it will be easier for you to freely journal about your feelings and thoughts.  Brain-dumping is the best way to manage anxiety, stress, and depression.

Sidenote:  This may seem strange, but I am a fanatic when it comes to pens!  I have found these uni-ball Signo pens years ago and have been an addict ever since.  They write so smoothly without jumps.  I highly suggest this multicolor package because taking notes, journaling, and planning is much easier when you can highlight aspects in different colors.  Additionally, it makes doodling even more fun 🙂

Intentional meditation/prayer and practicing mindfulness

Meditation is by far the best way that I have been able to intentionally practice mindfulness.  I absolutely love this set of guided meditation cards by MindPanda because:

It comes with a guided journal to help you learn to meditate and what works best for you;

On each card, you are given an empowering thought and a related mindfulness activity; and

It is perfect for self-use or group meditations with family and friends, young or old.

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  1. Jean

    All are excellent resources! Thank you for the ideas 💜

  2. Cathy

    I love these! I feel so much better when I put my phone down. Also trying to journal more. And I love the idea about watching a daily motivational video. I will start doing that 🙂

    1. Stephanie

      Thank you for stopping by, Cathy! Personal development will definitely help your days go smoother. Trust me.

  3. Cassie

    Love all these tips! I couldn’t agree more about motivational videos. I start my morning off with one, and it really helps me stay intentional for the rest of the day. Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. I’m also a fellow pen fanatic! 👋

    1. Stephanie

      Phew! Makes me feel normal. Thanks for the acknowledging that you’re one, too 🙂

    2. Puja Kumari

      Amazing tips…I’ll try to follow them in my life. I’m badly addicted to my phone.

  4. Digitaldaybook

    Good tips! Allows us to all be intentional!

  5. Journaling and meditation are so helpful to me. And, as for phones… it’s amazing how much of a time suck they are! I really like the idea of a phone jail and might have to look into purchasing one. They would be great for parents to use with teenagers’ phones.

  6. Nishtha

    This is a great list of 5 self care tips! I do few of them and need to add the personal dev video &
    Putting down by phone more.
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Amrita

    Meditation with yoga helps me become more centered.Thats my number one thing for self care.

  8. Sandra

    Thank you for sharing this! I do journaling and mediation myself so I can totally agree how useful it is for overall well being. Watching education, motivation videos helps a lot too:)

  9. Mary

    Great Post. Self care is so important. I love that you including journaling. Journaling is so powerful!

  10. Monica Tatomir

    I also try to put the phone away for a few hours every day. I love to practice meditation, but never tried journaling. I should give it a go!

  11. Clementine

    I need to do more personal development, I love to listen to some podcasts! Rise Up is a great one!

  12. Tiffany

    I love all these ideas. I think that I will try to do meditation and try to journal and express my creativity!

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