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Hello! And thank you for stopping by!  My name is Stephanie not only I am a mama to three sweet boys, a wife to a dedicated and hard-working husband, and a daughter and a sister, I am also a disabled female US Army Veteran.

I am here to shout my story from the mountaintops and empower women (Veteran or not).  I have endured sexual and mental abuse and have had to dig deep to find my fire, among my mental health struggles.

I am currently trudging through the corruptness of the US Veterans Affairs (VA), while healing from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  It has been a nightmare for me and my only hope is that my story will shed some light and empower others.  Do you want to know some frightening statistics?  1% of the entire US population have ever served in the military.  Of that 1%, only 0.01% are women.  The VA reported in 2015:

  • that 9.4% of the total US military Veterans were women;
  • that 23.4% of all women Veterans were divorced;
  • that 28.6% of women Veterans cared for children under the age of 17;
  • that 41.1% of women Veterans utilized at least one VA service/benefit;
  • that within a decade, the number of women that utilized VA health services increased by 83.9%; and
  • that the top 4 service-connected disabilities that totaled nearly 30% of disabilities of women Veterans were:
    1. PTSD;
    2. Major Depressive Disorder (MDD);
    3. migraines; and
    4. lower back pain

I will end up showing more statistics in my posts, but this raises my question and the reason for my fiery soul: we served this country, so why do we have to fight so hard for the benefits that we have so rightly earned?  There are many women with much worse disabilities and mental health conditions than mine… I know how hard I’ve fought, that I cannot fathom the fight that other women face.

I am a chemist, by education, and it is a habit of mine to “science the sh*t” (from one of my favorite movies) out of subjects.  What you will find here is not expert, nor medical advice, but my own educated opinion based on published scientific research.

To counter all of the aforementioned negativity, I am also going to share encouragement, Biblical topics, parenting advice, my favorite recipes, hobbies, and anything else that I feel might help spread the fire.  My soul is on fire and yours should be, too!!